Youssef Aguirre-Kamal was four years old when he started singing Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. There is no denying that music is in his future after that.

Born in Montreal Quebec, basketball fan Youssef’s love of music and singing was influenced by his mother. He is the Munting Lakan ng Luzon — a title he bagged by winning “Best in Talent” and “Best in Theme Wear” and cites Shawn Mendes as his favorite singer.  After winning FilCan, he was invited to sing on numerous Filipino community events around Montreal, such as the Munting Mutya ng Pilipinas.

Youssef possesses a cool, effortless tone that will surely entrance you. Combine that with his boy next door looks and we have a star in the making.

Q and A:

Q:  Where is your favorite place in the world?