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Shaina Lyne Caguioa is a 20-year-old Commerce program student at Vanier College and a member of The Poks.

She found her passion for dancing 2 years ago through watching and making KPop dance covers.  As a member of The Poks, her performances include FAMAS’ Pista Sa Nayon, FilCan Idol. Ms. Gay Philippines-Montreal and most notably Tawag ng Tawanan, a part of Karylle and Vhong Navarro’s North American concert tourHer favorite dance genres are hip-hop and Kpop and cite Mina Myoung as her favorite dancer. Last year, Shaina became the newest member of East2West, a popular Youtube dance group that specializes in Kpop covers and original choreography.

Aside from dancing, Shaina enjoys sports, karaoke bars and watching Korean dramas.

Q and A:

Q:  If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself?

A:  A Walk to Remember!