1. FilCan Idol Montreal is open to all Filipino-Canadian AMATEUR vocalists from ages 6 to 65 years.

2. All contestants must complete, sign and submit the FilCan Idol Montreal registration form provided, either manually (by hand) or online ( Contestants below legal age (18) must have a parent or a guardian sign the form.

3. All contestants must go through an audition process that can be done by either singing live in front of the FilCan panel or by submitting 2 videos — an a capella performance as well as your best live on-stage performance or any performance with an instrument or musical accompaniment.

4. All contestants are expected to abide by the existing rules and regulations set by FilCan Idol Montreal.

5. The competition may be divided into two categories: The Junior Division and the Adult Division. The Junior Division contestants must prepare two songs (a ballad and an upbeat track) while the Adult Division contestants must prepare 1 solo song and 1 song to be sung with either a past FilCan Idol champion, or another competitor.

6. FilCan Idol Montreal is a non-profit organization. Each contestant is expected to help in selling tickets and solicitations, which will be given to the contestants months before the show. Each contestant will be awarded a maximum amount of points depending on the number of participants, which will be added to their overall total score. The points will be based on the ranking of their ticket sales and solicitations. This will be further explained during the general meeting.

7. Each contestant will be given the same deadline date to turn in their sales and unsold tickets. If one failed to return unsold tickets before the date given, it will be considered SOLD and will be the contestant’s and/or parent/guardian’s responsibility. Lost and/or stolen tickets will also be the contestants’ or the parent/guardian’s sole responsibility.

8. In case of a tie, the contestant with the higher score on the ballad (Junior) or solo (Adult) category will be declared the winner.

9. Prizes will be a MINIMUM of $500 for the Champion, $300 for the 1st Runner-up and $200 for the 2nd Runner-up. The prizes could increase depending on ticket sales.

10. The application form serves as a contract between FilCan Idol Montreal and the contestant. It is essential to read and understand the guidelines thoroughly before signing.