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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Rochie Banaag started singing when he was 14 years old, when his aunt in the Philippines rented a karaoke machine. He gave it a try and the rest as we say, is history.

Aside from FilCan Idol. Rochie is also the Lavoie Idol 2007 Grand Winner. As part of the FilCan Idol champions, he has been a part of several FilCan Idol concerts such as One Voice and My Funny Valentine. He also served as one of the hosts of FilCan Idol 2014, the last FilCan Idol held under the leadership of Ms. Grace Yip and FilCan Idol 2017.  Rochie also serenaded the lovely candidates of Ms. Gay Philippines-Montreal 2017 and Mrs. Philippines-Montreal and was one of the featured performers during FAMAS’ Independence Ball in 2017.

He listens to R&B, Pop, and ballad and cites Gary Valenciano, Erik Santos, Daryl Ong, and Usher as his favorites.

 Q and A:

Q:  If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

A:  I doubt something like that would ever happen because my friends and family think I’m innocent XD!

If it did happen, my friends would think that I stole clothes. As for my family, I’m sure they would assume that I got pulled over for speeding and driving without a license.