FilCan Idol 2009 Junior Division 4th Runner-Up

FilCan Idol 2018 Grand Finalist

The Poks


Born in Mindanao, Philippines, Jaya Angelica Opendo says that she comes from a very musical and talented family.  She started singing around the age of 5, but only started singing more when she and her family moved to Montreal in 2009.  That same year, Jaya participated in Filcan Idol, where she placed 4th Runner-up.

Her decision in joining FilCan Idol again on 2018 derives from the intention to show everyone just how much she has learned from her experience, and how much she has improved since then.

Whenever she’s not singing, Jaya enjoys dancing, photography,  and playing the ukulele.  She is also a member of the dance group The Poks, a dance group formed at Vanier College alongside a few other members of the FilCan Idol Family.