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Divino Nabor is a FilCan Idol 2010 Adult Division Finalist and the resident FilCan Idol choreographer, and member of the dance group The Poks.

He is no stranger to the stage — he has been performing since he was a young boy. Born in Bicol, Philippines, Divino and his family moved to Montreal when he was 6 years old. He is a popular face in parties and events around the Filipino community. He was influenced by his family, who are all performers in their own right to sing and dance.  His eclectic taste in music is what makes Divino’s style in choreography unique. He listens to pop/rock, R & B, Britpop and even Korean. Among his favorites are Coldplay, Linkin Park, and One Republic.

Just recently, Divino also added modeling to his ever-growing resumé, having been tapped to model for print and for an up and coming Montreal designer Saint and his clothing line, Sex for Saints. He is also a youtube vlogger, with videos ranging from mukbang, ASMR, and dance covers.

Q and A:

Q:  Would you like to be famous or rich?

A:  I would choose to be rich because imagine what you can do with all that money — travel , food , shopping…