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As soon as people hear the name Cristine Toca, they know that they are about to witness something extraordinary.

Cristine is the first ever FilCan Idol Junior Division Grand Champion.  Born from a musical family, her name is pretty much synonymous with the word champion. She has won several singing competitions all over Montreal but cites being cast as Eponine in Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable’s English production of Les Miserables her most memorable achievement to date.  She made the Filipino community proud when she competed for La Voix du Quebec, ending up as one of the quarter finalists.

Gifted with a goosebump-inducing natural tone and riffs and runs reminiscent of Beyoncé Knowles, she names Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion as her musical heroes.

Q and A:

Q:  What’s the most unusual family tradition you guys have?


A:  We have monthly taco nights. Toca’s tacos… get it??? Another family tradition that we have is that we have DIY (do it yourself) gift exchanges every Christmas. Instead of buying each other a gift, we have to be creative and make it ourselves. It’s definitely a challenge but the outcome is always worth it