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To say Adiva Ross Estinozo’s voice is unique would be an understatement. Born to a very musically-oriented family, Adiva has been a champion even when she was still in the Philippines. She started winning various local competitions at the age of 5, .and has also been active as a choir soloist at both Panday Tinig Chorale Ensemble and FCMM Youth Choir.  She is the President and founder of Pinoy LGBTQ Community of Montreal, and an in-demand host, makeup artist, pageant coach and event planner.

She is best known as the Grand Champion of the FFCAQ singing competition which opened the door for her to be a guest star in popular Filipino shows such as Home Along the Riles and Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis. She also enjoys singing for the senior citizens during the holiday seasons, her way of giving back to the community.

Adiva ‘s first major concert, the sold out Pinoy Diva: Believe It or Not #Justsaying holds the title of being the most sponsored concert by a Filipino-Canadian in Montreal to date, with over 40 sponsors.