FilCan Idol is a Montreal, Quebec-based nonprofit organization that focuses on Filipino-Canadian vocalists, performers, and artists.  Founded in 2005 by the Federation of Philippines-Canada Trade & Commerce of Quebec‘s Founder and President, the late Ms. Grace Sencio-Yip, it started as an annual vocal competition and soon ventured into live concerts and fundraisers featuring the FilCan Idol talents.  In 2016, Ms. Svetlana Suarez took the helm as FilCan Idol Coordinator after Ms.Yip’s passing in 2015.


FilCan Idol’s primary goal is to provide a platform to all Filipino-Canadian artists regardless of age, dialect, social status, talent level or experience.  With the majority of its governing body being past competitors, FilCan Idol members have access to a wide expanse of resources, from vocal counseling and team building to stress management during a competition.  Every member is ready to impart their knowledge, skills and time to aspiring members.

Although based in Montreal, Quebec, FilCan Idol Montreal is proud of its Filipino heritage.  It is our utmost honor and privilege to represent our Motherland wherever we go.  We consider it our duty to ensure that our audience is aware of our roots.

We also encourage creativity and individuality in FilCan Idol, but at the same time, we work as a family.  Everyone is heard, and every single suggestion is valued.  We embrace everyone’s quirks, each individual’s “eccentricity” and we do our best to give every single talent their time to shine.


We are proud to see our members achieve their dreams.  Some of our champions were recognized in local singing competitions such as La Voix, La Voix Junior, Crescendo and Fais-Moi Ta Toune.  Some were awarded by international competitions such as the World Championship of Performing Arts.  We are also honored to have produced seasoned hosts, creative graphic designers, innovative choreographers, and local community volunteers.

We love to perform.  The stage is our home.  Our voice is our tool.  You are our fuel.