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Montreal, Quebec born Aaron Dalangin’s shy and quiet demeanor would make the public think that he is a novice at singing, but as soon as he delivers the first note, heads will surely turn.

Influenced by his loving mother, Aaron has performed several times in school, parties, and even in a circus. He does not have a specific musical style that he considers his favorite — he enjoys listening and singing songs that he could connect to emotionally.  FilCan Idol 2016 was his first major competition experience, but his mellifluous, velvety vocals are sure to leave an imprint in everyone’s hearts.

After becoming the first runner-up at FilCan Idol, Aaron has been invited to perform at various Filipino community events such as Muting Mutya ng Pilipinas-Montreal and Mrs. Philippines-Montreal. He is the Grand Champion of Black History Month’s Monnaie Money Talent Show 2020, performed as part of his school’s concert, a show by Evenko, and coached his brother for FilCan Idol 2017, where they won 3rd runner-up.

Q and A:

Q:  What did you think you were good at but are actually quite bad at?

A:  I thought that I was good at dancing but the moment I saw myself in the mirror doing a choreo… yikes never again.